Invalid Click Policy

Last Updated June 3, 2010

As a leader in Local Pay for Performance advertising, one of CityGrid Media LLC’s (formerly Citysearch, LLC) (“CityGrid Media”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) key concerns is detection of invalid clicks. CityGrid Media proactively researches and develops processes, policies, and technologies to identify invalid click activity with regard to our customers’ advertising on the website and through the CityGrid® Network.. We are committed to protecting our customers’ investment in Local Pay for Performance Advertising with us.

CityGrid Media actively monitors and analyzes clicks to our customers’ advertising to try to detect any abuse of our Local Pay for Performance advertising program. CityGrid Media attempts to prevent clicks that are caused by automated robots or spiders, clicks generated from within the CityGrid Media organization, or clicks which show a pattern of fraudulent use.

1. How does CityGrid Media monitor to detect invalid clicks?
CityGrid Media uses both click and search data to create pattern recognition-based inferences about which clicks are valid and which are not. We use both the user session information and the user cookie information to attempt to identify any invalid clicks that may be artificially driving up an advertiser’s clicks.
2. What kind of clicks can CityGrid Media detect and remove?
CityGrid Media works to detect and filter out spiders or robots. Most spiders or robots follow the directives we put in the code on our site instructing them not to spider our search listings, however, third parties may employ spiders, robots or other similar web crawling technology designed to circumvent our filters and detection mechanisms.

CityGrid Media also has sophisticated algorithms to track sessions and user behavior on our site, to assist us in identifying click patterns that would indicate invalid clicks. In the event we identify a click as invalid, our customers are not charged for such clicks.

3. What can I do if I feel I have been charged for unwarranted clicks?
While we endeavor to charge customers solely for valid clicks, we cannot ensure that all invalid clicks will be detected. Therefore, please contact CityGrid Media Customer Service at 800- 611- 4827 or if you have any questions or concerns about clicks charged to your account, and a Customer Service specialist will investigate your account.

At CityGrid Media, we strive to develop better ways to protect your advertising investment and to ensure an exceptional experience with us.